Hands On Simulation



CALIFIA Simulator and Sorin S-5 Heart/Lung Machine

Experience realistic perfusion CPB  as you test your skills managing a host of perfusion related challenges. You will have the opportunity to manage hyper metabolic states, oxygenator failures, venous drainage problems, air embolus, aortic dissection, total disaster and communication challenges.

The CALIFIA simulator is designed to truly simulate the patient. The device reacts to whatever you do and whatever the proctor programs in. The Learner Screen is a touch screen that can provide the learner with gases, pressures, temperatures, cerebral oximetry, echo videos, a full CPB control panel. The simulator utilizes a full CPB circuit set up on a State of The Art Heart/Lung machine. It is an experience that is as real as it gets.

Use the SORIN Connect Perfusion Charting System.







The NASA Head

Designed by NASA and Dr. Zsolt Garami, the HEAD was designed to test cerebral circulation in micro gravity in the International Space Station. Perfuse the head while challenging your circuit with air while measuring GME with TCD. This is an exciting and never before seen technology in the perfusion community.